Small Animal Micro-CT

Small Animal MicroCTThe Siemens Inveon micro-CT scanner is a variable zoom cone-beam X-ray CT system that can generate images with a spatial resolution as small as 20 microns over a field of view as large as 8.4 cm x 5.5 cm. The large field of view enables single-bed position imaging of an entire mouse as well as larger objects such as rats with bed-stitching. The fully shielded design has built-in anesthesia and optional physiological monitoring. The scanner is best at evaluating bone density, but it can also image soft tissues with the use of CT contrast agents. Physiological monitoring ensures viability of the small animal during the scan, and respiratory & cardiac gating improves image quality of the heart and lungs.

Location:  Translational Bioimaing Resource, BSRL Basement, Room30A.

Fees for UofA Researchers:  $35/hr for system use.  Additional $30/hr for training an/or assistance.

Schedule Time:  Visit the iLab calendar.

Contact:  Facility Manager - Brenda Baggett

Komodo Dragon Bones Komodo Dragon Skin

Alcohol-preserved hatchling komodo dragon imaged in rat mode with 8 bed positions. Final image is about 3 x 30 cm

Sheep Femur CT  Mouse liver CT with contrast  Mouse CT bone

Cross section of a sheep's femur      Mouse liver with contrast                 Whole mouse bone scan

Micro CT of a mouse lung cast