Cell Culture Services

The EMSR provides laboratory support for all Cell Culture needs.

Large scale culture

The EMSR has a large repository of mycoplasma-tested and cell-line authenticated cells available for in vivo or in vitro-leading-to-in vivo research. The EMSR can grow these or other established cell lines and provide all necessary cell culture products and mycoplasma screening. We also provides some human optical reporter cell lines that have been transfected with GFP, RFP and luciferase for experimental purposes. These cell lines include breast, pancreatic and colon cancers.

Mycoplasma screening

The EMSR regularly tests all cell lines grown in-house for mycoplasma contamination and offers weekly testing for other investigators every Tuesday with results by Wednesday afternoon. Regular screening of cell lines for mycoplasma is extremely important. This is especially true when accepting any cell line from an outside source. Mycoplasma can alter virtually every property measured in cell cultures. Working with contaminated cultures may nullify all results. Recommended treatment methods can be provided in cases of mycoplasma contamination.

Consultation & training

Consultation and training sessions are available. Session topics often range from how to solve contamination problems, to questions about cell growth, to cell culture techniques. Contact us about your topic interests and scheduling opportunities.

Bank of tumor cell lines

(Coming Soon)

Patient-derived cell line

The EMSR can derive cell lines from patient samples. Contact us with more details of your patient sample to receive an estimate.

Cell line authentication

In addition to maintaining a selection of authenticated cell lines, the EMSR can authenticate cell lines.  Journals are enacting more stringent guidelines to ensure the accuracy of the research they publish.  The EMSR can test a cell line from a pellet or grow and sample a pellet for testing and report the results.

To check on the availability of cells, Contact us

Human, Murine, & Rat Cancer Cell Lines

New University or Cancer Center Clients, please Contact Us.
Investigators receiving cell lines must complete a Cell Line Waiver Form

Disclaimer: The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource will perform experiments outlined in the investigator approved experimental designs with the highest care and quality. The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource is not responsible or liable for any claims, loss or damage arising from the quality of the material (cell lines etc.) or the experimental design (drug doses, frequency, etc.) provided by the Investigator.