IACUC Protocol Preparation and Experimental Design

The EMSR works with you, the investigator, to create the optimum study for your needs. We take your study from the design and budget all the way to completion. We sit down with you to plan your experiment from cell culture to tissue harvest, and we make sure you get the most data for your money.

IACUC Protocols

The EMSR can prepare IACUC protocols in order to assure compliance with all relevant authorities. A protocol for each study involving animals must be submitted to and approved by the IACUC before any research can begin. EMSR offers consultation or preparation of protocols, amendments to protocols, and SOPs needed for the experiment. In addition, the EMSR can consult on laboratory set ups, such as euthanasia or surgery areas, to ensure compliance with IACUC requirements in order to pass inspections

Experimental Timeline

Turnaround time is one to three weeks following discussion with the requesting investigator. While the study is ongoing, updates are provided to investigators weekly via e-mail. Once the experiment is completed, a final report (if requested) is written in a format easily adaptable for submission to most scientific journals. Reports include abstract, introduction, methods, results with tables, graphs, statistical analyses, and discussion sections. Statistical analyses are performed through the Biometry Shared Resource.

Contact us at UACC-EMSS@uacc.arizona.edu