Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource

Acting Director
Ron Lynch, PhD
(520) 626-2472
(520) 626-0326
Room 0914A, University of Arizona Cancer Center
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Citing the P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)

SOP for Cancer Biospecimen Utilization Policy

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The Tissue Acquisition and Cellular / Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (TACMASR) provides support and pathology-related services to University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC) and University of Arizona (UA) researchers on a fee-for-service basis. We strive to maximize research dollars through customized, cost-effective, and quality-controlled services.

This Shared Resources director is a board-certified anatomic pathologist with many years of clinical and experimental research experience.

TACMASR offers two primary types of services to UACC and UA research investigators that include Cellular and molecular analysis and Tissue acquisition and biobanking.


The Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (TACMASR) is a multi-faceted research service facility that offers:

  • Biorepository - procurement, storage, and retrieval of Cancer biorepository specimens as well as assistance with locating sample cohorts and access to other special collections.
  • Routine Histology - paraffin & frozen samples, routine & special stains, Tissue MicroArrays (TMA).
  • Immunostaining and in situ hybridization - Immunohistochemistry (IHC), In Situ Hybridization (ISH) using validated antibody staining protocols on automated platforms.
  • Pathology - experimental advice, quality control, and scoring.
  • Digital Imaging & Microscopy - brightfield slide scanning, brightfield and widefield fluorescence microscopic image capture, Leica SP5 confocal microscope (with live cell imaging capabilities), as well as assistance in accessing and using other microscopy techniques on campus.
  • Acquisition and preservation of tissues and body fluids
  • Biospecimen banking and storage
  • Clinical and pathological annotation of surgical biospecimens

These services are provided on a fee-for-service basis to members of The University of Arizona Cancer Center and to University of Arizona research investigators.


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