Microscopy contact:
Doug Cromey, MS
TACMASR is a member of the UA

The mission of TACMASR Microscopy is to provide members of the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC) with access to and support for local microscopy instrumentation as well as support for those interested in using other microscopy instruments and cores on campus. Capabilities within the UACC include optical imaging at the cellular and tissue level, either fixed or in vitro. TACMASR Microscopy provides:

  • Training, and followup support for users of the Leica SP5-II confocal microscope for imaging living cells in culture, as well as fixed cells or sectioned tissue.
  • Consultation and assistance concerning experimental design, sample preparation, probe selection, and referrals to resources for data analysis for optical microscopy research projects.
  • Education in the fundamentals of microscopy and its application, which are essential for appropriate utilization of these approaches, and dissemination of information concerning the unique resources available on campus.
  • Education in the appropriate methods for acquiring and ethically manipulating digital image data acquired from microscopes or other digital acquisition sources.


Color Brightfield and Flourescence: TACMASR has several microscopes. We have two-headed microscopes for reviewing stained slides (brightfield) and brightfield/flourescence microscopes with digital cameras for image capture.

Confocal Microscope: TACMASR has a Leica SP5-II spectral confocal microscope capable of imaging slides or live cell cultures.