Specialty Microscopy Techniques

There are a number of specialized microscopy techniques that are useful for cancer research. TACMASR encourages investigators to consult with us first, as we are often familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of a number of techniques and technologies.  If what is proposed is new to us, we will investigate further to ensure that the technique or technology is capable of accomplishing what the investigator needs.

To assist members of UACC labs with navigating these techniques the TACMASR has access to the experience of:

TACMASR Microscopy specialist
Doug Cromey, MS, Associate Scientific Investigator, Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Doug has over 35 years of microscopy experience, including transmission electron microscopy, confocal,
routine optical microscopy (brightfield, phase contrast, DIC, widefield fluorescence) and image analysis.
He has worked on imaging live cells (unstained and using functional dyes for cell viability, specific organelles,
pH, and reactive oxygen species) and has assisted people with experiments using FRET and FRAP.