Routine Histology

TACMASR offers histology services for making paraffin blocks from formalin fixed tissues and cells; snap freezing; sectioning of paraffin and frozen material; and staining of human or research animal tissues, tumors, xenografts, bones and cell lines.

Sectioned slides can be provided to researchers as unstained (suitable for hand staining for IHC, ISH, FISH, or IF by an investigator’s lab), unstained with the intention of having TACMASR perform immunohistochemical staining, routine staining with hematoxylin & eosin (H&E), special histological stains that can highlight fibrosis, elastin, lipid, and much more. For more on what we offer, see Histology - techniques & stains.

Our Director can provide assistance with experimental design as well as expert pathological analysis of both human and research animal tissues and cells.

For technical questions, experimental planning and budget estimates please contact TACMASR

Important: Please read our webpage Sample Preparation for Histology or download the Sample Preparation for Histology PDF document. Samples should be submitted with a TACMASR Sample Submission Form. UACC/UA Investigators can view (UAnetID login required) the most current TACMASR Price List.

Biohazardous samples: All biological materials are potential biohazards, some more than others. As a courtesy, please include relevant information about potential biohazardous samples or conditions on the Request Form. Notify the lab staff if your samples present any undue biological hazard.

TACMASR does not accept

  • Radiolabeled material
  • Fresh material with known infectious agents (AIDs, hepatitis, etc)
  • Fresh tissue without making prior arrangements with staff
  • Cell pellets on Fridays without prior arrangements