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  • We have more than 60 commonly requested validated antibodies. For Antibody information please contact TACMASR.



  • #1.5 Coverslips - a short PDF handout discussing the importance of using the correct coverslip thickness for microscopy.  Includes links to vendors for the hard to find #1.5H high performance coverslips.
  • Thermo-Fisher has a short protocol for mounting coverslips. There is a PDF and a video on this page. While the protocol is primarily for cells cultured & stained on a coverslip, the handling tips should be helpful for people mounting coverslips on sectioned tissue on a slide.
  • Handouts for UACC Leica confocal microscope - information in PDF format for trained users of this instrument
  • Microscopy and Imaging Resources Online - A collection of curated links to educational information on a variety of microscopy techniques. (Doug Cromey, SWEHSC)
  • UA Microscopy Alliance - Information about all of the University of Arizona's core facility microscopes.
  • UACC Common core microscopes - instruments available to UACC labs only (pre-approved UAnetID login required)