Research Grant Support and Resources

Services provided by this office include:

  • Provide pre-award support in the preparation and coordination of grant applications including resubmission of the Cancer Center Support Grant.
  • Assist Principal Investigators (PIs) in National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reporting training.
  • Assist with the preparation of reports and record necessary data related to program activities, progress, status or other special reports for management, the NCI or other reporting organizations.
  • Serve as a liaison to faculty, staff, students, alumni, patients, outside agencies and the public concerning research information.
  • Develop and facilitate workshops, meetings or conferences by coordinating logistics, scheduling and participant communications.
  • Confer with and advise investigators, staff and students on NCI guidelines and criteria, and provide technical advice, problem solving assistance and answers to questions.
  • Assist PIs in setting up customized funding alerts from sponsors.
  • Serve as liaison to College of Medicine Research Office to coordinate best practices.

Links to searchable databases of funding

  • Pivot at Community of Science: Identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers.
  • This site collects all funding opportunities, of the 26 US federal agencies that offer grant funding, in one place and makes them searchable by agency, date, eligible organizations, and funding purpose.
  • proposalCENTRAL: E-grantmaking website shared by many government, non-profit, and private grant-making organizations.
  • Department of Defense: The US Department of Defense provides grants for research into the treatment and treatment of several diseases and injuries.
  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ): Grant announcements from the AHRQ for supporting research to improve the quality, effectiveness, accessibility and cost effectiveness of health care.
  • Fogarty International Center: Fogarty Funding News weekly email updates provide information about funding opportunities, notices and announcements from Fogarty, NIH and other organizations that may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research.
  • UA Foundation Grant Information, Facilitation and Training (GIFT) Center: The US Department of Defense provides grants for research into the treatment and treatment of several diseases and injuries.

Institutional Letter of Support Request Form (PDF): Investigators are required to fill out the Institutional Support Letter Form to receive a letter of support from the University of Arizona Cancer Center for research proposals. A letter of support will be drafted to meet your specific needs and forwarded to the Cancer Center Director for review and signature.

NIH Standard Due Dates for Competing Applications (NIH website)

NCI Approved Funding Organizations (PDF): In addition to research grants, contracts and cooperative agreements from the NIH, the organizations listed in the attached PDF generally employ a system of external review and funding that complies closely with the NIH standard. All funded, multi-year research projects (equivalent in size and complexity to an NIH R01) from these organizations (excluding pilot projects, and feasibility studies) are eligible (1) to count toward the minimum research base of a cancer center, (2) to have access to CCSG shared resources, and (3) to count toward the minimum number of grants needed to constitute a research program of the center as defined in the PAR-13-386 (P30 Cancer Center Support Grant) instructions.

Guide to the Proposal Routing Process (PDF)

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