UA Genetics Core accredited for health care services

The UA Genetics Core facility, led by UACC associate member Michael F. Hammer, PhD, recently obtained accreditation to expand its services to health care in addition to research.

The UAGC is a state-of-the art gene sequencing facility housed in the UA's Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building. As a part of Arizona Research Labs, the UAGC specializes in deciphering massive amounts of genetic code in very short time.

"This is a big step for the UA," Dr. Hammer said. "It means that your doctor could order a genetic test through us and possibly be reimbursed by your health care provider. We can now provide reports to physicians, perform clinical tests, and provide results for clinical trials. This places the UA in a position to offer a number of genetic testing options to the medical community at large."

Dr. Hammer is the director of the UA Genetics Core and a member of the UA BIO5 Institute. Go to Dr. Hammer's lab page to find out more about his research projects.

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-June 24, 2014